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Responsible tourism

On foot, by bike, kayak or on horseback, Brittany is a top destination for a nature break with family or friends, surrounded by the green of the forests and the turquoise of the sea. Thanks to professionals who are firmly committed to sustainable tourism, your clients will be able to bathe in nature… without leaving a trace!


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From treasures to detours, the hidden secrets of Brittany

Brittany has a wealth of treasures to unveil to travellers who take the time to discover them! Stop to admire breathtaking landscapes, sample fresh local produce on a farm and soak up local culture and history, all while using eco-friendly transport… Do your clients dream of serene bliss? Take the scenic route, explore hidden gems and plan your visits to iconic sites outside the summer season for a more intimate experience away from the crowds. Come and discover the real Brittany, hidden away like a closely guarded secret…

A committed and responsible region

The Breton peninsula is a paradise for responsible travellers. Responsible chefs use local produce, respect the cycle of the seasons and welcome holidaymakers to Green-starred restaurants… You can even order vegan crêpes! When it comes to accommodation, many establishments are making it a point to reduce their waste and rethink their water and energy consumption… Without sacrificing the comfort of their guests, of course! Sleeping in a cottage with a grass-covered roof, waking up next to horses… Isn’t life in the country just wonderful?

A nature-friendly way to explore

Take a trip out to sea to marvel at the grey seals and dolphins, or head to the bird sanctuaries to admire our feathered friends… In Brittany, the richness of flora and fauna is matched only by the variety of landscapes! There are no less than three regional nature parks and one marine park where you can explore the region’s plants and wildlife without disturbing them. Qualified and dedicated associations and nature guides offer you the opportunity to approach seals, dolphins and penguins with care and respect for their way of life. These moments of shared wonder will appeal to couples, families and groups alike!

Looking for some inspiration?

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