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The major must-see sites

When one thinks about Brittany, the first thing that comes to mind is its people. Renowned for their thousand-year-old history, unique natural heritage and legendary tales, these must-see sites tell the story of the heart and soul of the region. And any Breton will tell you that these sites reveal their secrets best out of season. From April to June, and then at the height of the Indian summer, your clients will be able to take the time to discover these emblematic sites in complete tranquillity.

The Breton coast, from its headlands to its islands

Stretching over 2,700 km, France’s longest coastline is certainly a sight to behold! At the top of the bill, you’ll find all the big names of the sea: to the north, the Bay of Mont St Michel and its galloping tides. The Cap d’Erquy and Cap Fréhel with their pink sandstone cliffs. Then there’s the Pink Granite Coast and its uniquely shaped rocks. To the far west, the Pointe du Raz and the Crozon peninsula take visitors to the ends of the earth, with cliffs, lighthouses and sea spray as a backdrop. To the south, the gentle Gulf of Morbihan and its islands invite you to take a stroll along the land or in the water. And the Breton islands? The coastline is dotted with these beautiful specks of land, each with its own unique character. Batz and its botanical garden, Ushant, the lighthouse lookout, Bréhat, the island of flowers, Belle-Ile, the aptly named… All treasures to be discovered at the height of the season!

A step aside

Already planning on seeing these major sites? Choose from our lesser-known alternatives for a guaranteed change of scenery.  The Abers coastline: also known as the Coast of Legends. With its round rocks, iconic lighthouses and light-filled coves, it’s an astonishing place to visit! Heading south along the coast past Audierne, be sure to visit the Pointe de la Torche, a surfers’ paradise.

Enjoy nature, from its canals to its forests

As anyone who loves unspoilt nature will know, Brittany is a veritable green paradise! There’s nothing more rejuvenating than immersing yourself in the heart of its legendary forests. In the Broceliande Forest, take your clients on a guided tour, bask in its greenery and uncover the secrets of kings, fairies and knights. Not far from there, the Nantes-Brest Canal crosses Brittany from one end to the other. This idyllic waterway winds its way through picturesque towns, castles and abbeys. A real slice of paradise for any client!

Need a plan B?

Head for the Huelgoat Forest and its rocky landscape. A green and mysterious place full of unusual rocks. Following the canal between Dinan and Rennes, along the locks, is an original way to discover two emblematic cities!

The Megaliths, guardians of the past

Carnac’s reputation is legendary! With around 3,000 menhirs, it is one of the most extraordinary concentrations of standing stones in the world. It’s a mystery that still fascinates people today, and one that you can unravel on a guided tour (available in several languages).

A must in Brittany

For those who love history, Brittany has other megalithic sites that are well worth a visit: the Gavrinis burial mound on an island, the Monteneuf menhirs surrounded by gorse and heather, and Saint-Just, the second largest megalithic site in Brittany. Natural settings for an extraordinary journey back in time.

Fortified towns & cities

It’s instantly recognisable… A proud corsair town, facing the open sea, Saint-Malo is keen to share its rich history. Its impressive ramparts have inspired some of the greatest sailors, writers and film-makers of all time. Not far away is the medieval city of Dinan, with its 14th century castle and narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses sloping down to the port. On the south coast, be sure to visit Concarneau, with its enchanting walled town and bustling fishing port.
A lesser known but equally attractive destination in the north of Brittany is Roscoff, a small town full of character overlooking the islands, which plays in the big league with its ramparts surrounding the old town and its beautiful granite houses.

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