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Culture and heritage

discovering the heart and soul of Brittany

Celtic at heart and with a unique history, Brittany reveals the secrets of a heritage with a thousand faces. Take a tour of a castle, stroll through the narrow streets of a Breton town or try to unravel the mysteries of the megaliths: these are just some of the ways you can help your clients discover the heart and soul of Brittany, a land that has long inspired artists.


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A wealth of stories, big and small

From the first prehistoric inhabitants to the lighthouse keepers, many have left their mark on the history that is Brittany’s heritage. Long a coveted territory, Brittany defended itself by building impregnable fortresses and castles, some of which were the work of Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, a French military engineer. It also has the largest concentration of megalithic sites in the world for you to discover. You can find menhirs, tumuli and dolmens all over Brittany, especially in the south. Did you know? ¾ of France’s lighthouses are located… in Brittany. The highest concentration in the world can even be found around Brest, with a route all of their own: The lighthouse route. Discover them from the shore or board a Zodiac for a guided tour close to seals and dolphins. In the heart of the fields of megaliths or at the foot of the sentinels of the sea, offer your clients the chance to follow a guide specialising in historical monuments or to discover the secrets of Brittany’s heritage with an audio guide. Are you travelling with children? There are fun activities and even special events at many of the historic sites. Child’s play!

An urban journey through time

Not too big, not too small: the towns and cities of Brittany are great places to live and to stroll around. One foot in the past, the other in the present! From Rennes, the laid-back capital, to the Ateliers des Capucins in Brest, a restored site that embodies modernity, they know how to reinvent themselves without losing their identity… and it’s fantastic! Their cultural vibrancy shines through. Concept stores, fine restaurants and trendy terraces are on the rise. Explore their high-tech architecture and contemporary art treasures. Away from the clichés, from the must-sees to the hidden gems, immerse yourself in the energy of the Petites Cités de Caractère (Small Towns of Character), the Villes d’Art et d’Histoire (Towns & Cities of Art and History) and the Villes Historiques de Bretagne (Historic Towns & Cities of Brittany). And there are tour guides, greeters and audio guides available to help your clients get a personalised visit.

Art in all its forms

Brittany – an inspiring and creative destination. For two centuries, artists have nurtured their talents here with a vitality that continues to this day. Simply visit one of Brittany’s museums to see for yourself. From Monet’s Belle-île to Picasso’s paintings of Dinard and Gauguin’s paintings of Pont-Aven, works of art can be found throughout the region. Even out in the open! In the heart of nature, contemporary art can be found around lakes, on footpaths and in Breton gardens… In towns and cities, you can enjoy the work of street artists along special routes in Rennes, Brest, Morlaix and Saint-Brieuc. From shapes to colours, from galleries to Cities of Art, get inspired and discover the secrets of Brittany’s charm!

Discover all the museums and places to visit in Brittany

A cultural mix of tradition and new trends

Brittany itself is a melting pot of worlds that collide to create a delightful mix of genres. Musical, of course! At the heart of festivals, behind café doors or improvising in the street, traditional and new musical influences are intertwined. The Festival Interceltique de Lorient (Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival) has been bringing together the best of Celtic music, from Galicia to Scotland, for over 50 years. It’s the perfect opportunity to get into the swing of things and discover the Bagads, traditional Breton bands whose musical prowess is awe-inspiring. All over Brittany, festivals bring together music of all types and origins. The unmissable Vieilles Charrues and the Transmusicales are breeding grounds for up-and-coming artists and legendary performers. Here and there, festivals are becoming more hybrid, giving pride of place to new trends. So there’s something for everyone, with a playlist that’s 100% Breton!

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