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Biscuits and crepes

Brittany wouldn’t be Brittany without its cakes! Sugar, salted butter and a large dose of generosity are the ingredients of numerous Breton specialities. Kouign-amann, far, biscuits, crêpes, salted butter caramel… just hearing the names makes your mouth start to water! And to appreciate them all the more, you customers will slip on an apron to discover the manufacturing secrets of these delights.

01 – L’Atelier de la Crêpe


In Saint-Malo, this unique workshop gives budding crêpe-makers all the secrets to flip crêpes and pancakes in pure Breton tradition. Your customers will learn how to handle the rozell (roller) on the bilig (pancake maker) using the ancestral gestures of the crêpe-maker. On-site, a training restaurant and a boutique will allow your customers to appreciate the flavours of this Breton speciality.

02 – Les Ateliers Crêpes de Véro


Are you hungry for authentic pleasures? Then go to the Ateliers crêpes de Véro in Bénodet! Native to the Finistère, Véro will initiate you in the secrets of 100% Breton crêpes as she perpetuates her grandmothers’ history. With a good mood being the main ingredient, visitors can get to work and flip their own pancakes. All that’s left is to taste them!

03 – Maison Guella


In Cancale, between Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel, take a tasty pause at Biscuiterie-Confiserie la Maison Guella. The chef, Vincent Guella, a traditional Breton sweet-maker and biscuit-maker, and the founder’s grandson, shares his universe of treats and authentic home-made flavours and unique recipes inherited from family know-how dating back to 1920. Breton biscuits, soft salted butter toffees, traditional sweets, etc. On request, visit the discovery workshop and the Palet Breton biscuit workshop.

04 – Histoire de Crêpes


In Landéda, in Abers, at Olivier Lazennec Histoire de Crêpes, your customers can learn to make crêpes.
Awarded many times over, Olivier welcomes your customers in small groups in a purpose-built area to teach them how to make crêpes and pancakes themselves and to further discover the rich Breton know-how. The workshop also provides the chance to taste these Breton specialities that will delight the taste buds. This passionate traditional crêpe-maker is also the creator of the “gazeck”, a speciality with a crêpe base, similar to the kouign-amann.


05 – Biscuiterie de Concarneau


Behind the scenes of this biscuit-factory, your customers will watch the day’s biscuits being made! The pastry chefs can be watched through large windows as they work. It’s also the opportunity to discover the recipe of original cakes such as caramel and fleur de sel palet, buckwheat pancake, salted butter caramel Carabon, palet, Kouign-amann, Breton cake and pistachio “Crakou”, a speciality of the company. At the end of the visit there is a free tasting opportunity.

06 – Biscuiterie de la Pointe du Raz


In this traditional biscuit factory on the tip of Finistère, the pastry universe is a fun experience. All the steps of production are revealed, to plunge visitors into the biscuit universe thanks to a display suitable for children and adults. Specialised in making pancakes and Palets Bretons, the biscuit factory gives visitors the chance to get behind the ovens to discover a few manufacturing secrets. A film rounds off the visit before tasting.

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