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Understanding BrittanyDiscovering a unique destination

The destination

Discovering Brittany is all about replenishing energy and getting to know an exceptional region, with magical views, stunning landscapes, unspoilt sites and unique historical and architectural heritage. A journey in Brittany is also an encounter with passionate people – producers, chefs, artisans, etc.– and a surprising destination that gradually reveals itself through large exhibitions, contemporary art venues, festivals, etc.

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Destinations in Brittany: worlds apart

Brocéliande, Quimper, Cornouaille, Cœur de Bretagne… upon hearing these words, an entire universe starts to form in your customers’ minds. And there’s a good reason for this! The 10 destinations in Brittany are territories with emblematic towns boasting strong and varied identities. Each destination is an invitation to discover and marvel, to get as close as possible to the Breton soul. Authentic, delightful, surprising, magical… The destinations promise your customers unique experiences where they will embark on a journey of the senses, from the start to the end of their trip.

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The islands of Brittany, little gems on the water

Head to the idyllic islands of Brittany! The 12 islands of Brittany combine the authenticity of the region and the pleasures of the seaside. After a quick boat crossing for a day trip or a longer stay, these unique universes provides a means to get away, close to the continent. Wild or exotic, but always exceptional, the islands will undoubtedly be on your programmes and will be a lovely surprise for your customers.

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The nature of Brittany to replenish energy

Green routes and Sentier des Douaniers, bays and secret little ports, enchanted forests: nature and a multitude of treasures are waiting to be discovered on land and at sea. Enthusiastic guides propose different ways of discovering Brittany and conveying its magic. A sea outing on a traditional sailing boat, an early-morning hike on the GR34 or the discovery of a bird reserve take on another dimension. 

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Brittany, master of thalassotherapy

The birthplace of thalassotherapy, Brittany enjoys a mild and invigorating climate, conducive to restoring mind and body, immediately and lastingly. The Breton marine environment is bursting with natural beneficial resources: sea air filled with iodine, sea water, marine mud, sand and vitamin-gorged seaweed.

Between rugged coastlines and fine sandy beaches, from Saint-Malo to La Baule, Brittany has 15 thalassotherapy centres along its coast that are prestigious, well-known for their beneficial effects and their relaxing and stress-beating breaks. Breathe in the invigorating sea air, stroll along the coastal pathways facing the ocean, enjoy a seafood platter with the waves for your view… Brittany offers you the very best of itself to help restore strength and energy!

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Exceptional gardens in Brittany

Brittany has a large number of parks and gardens that are particularly indulged by the ocean climate.   Amidst this energising greenery, even the exotic flowers from far-off lands flourish in the micro-climates of the islands. Often associated with the architectural gems of Brittany, such as the castles, these gardens also display open-air art, promising some very original visits. Remarkable gardens and parks, in formal French, medieval, English or contemporary style, not forgetting vegetable gardens, display a whirlwind of colours and will delight your customers with their wealth and beauty.

Discover the parks and gardens of Brittany

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