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From sea to plate

Tasting the flavours of the sea at Breton oyster farms and shellfish farms is the promise of a special moment that your customers will appreciate all the more whilst gazing at the sea. It’s also a unique opportunity to understand all about oyster and shellfish farming. Whether flat or Pacific, the oyster is an unmissable delicacy of Brittany. There are 12 oyster zones to discover, from north to south. Over the seasons and depending on taste, the seafood platter is embellished with crabs, clams, periwinkles, crayfish, etc.

01 – La Perle de Quéhan – Maison Quintin


“Chez Quintin” in southern Brittany, oysters have been farmed for three generations! On fine days, flat and Pacific oysters, clams, crabs and crayfish can be enjoyed on the large terrace with a view of the river Crac’h until the sun goes down. On request, visit the Perle de Quéhan and discover the oyster farming universe.

02 – Huîtres Arin – La Ferme Marine Paimpolaise


Go and try the oyster bar on Pointe de Kerarzic. Oysters, clams and tapas from Conserverie La Paimpolaise join this menu in an unspoilt setting facing Beauport Abbey. With the incredible view of the sunset, this is an eating place not to miss.

03- Au Rythme des Marées


Introduce your customers to oyster farming and the marine environment! Yvan Sélo, oyster farmer in Baden, in the Gulf of Morbihan, proposes an authentic Breton experience on-board the “Rythme des Marées”. During the trip, customers are invited to get off and turn the oyster bags. The crossing ends with tasting on-board, with comments from Yvan.

04 – Algoplus


In Roscoff, on the Côte des Légendes, Algoplus is an artisanal cannery of edible seaweed. It’s the opportunity for your customers to learn more about this little-known product that is excellent for health. They will watch the product being canned and discover all of the product’s flavours during a free tasting session.

05 – Les Viviers de Pen-Foulic

La Forêt-Fouesnant

In Forêt Fouesnant, the breeding tanks of this shellfish company welcome your customers all year for tasting on the water’s edge. Oysters, cockles, periwinkles and clams make up a lovely seafood platter to enjoy in Penfoulic bay, a Natura 2000 protected zone.

06 – Les huîtres Cochennec


Founded more than 50 years ago, the Cochennec oyster farm has been run by four generations of the same family. Maxime is carrying on the family tradition in Carnac. In a lovely tasting area, your customers will enjoy the seaside while tasting the oysters that the owner is always delighted to share.

07 – Prat Ar Coum


At the heart of Abers, Yvon Madec’s family oyster company, Prat Ar Coum, is a reference in Brittany. Founded in 1898, its main product is oysters, but it also proposes shellfish and seafood. You can buy to take away, but the best way for your customers to appreciate them is on site, on the terrace.

08 – Maison Jégat


In the Gulf of Morbihan, Maison Jégat has held the secret of “traditional-style” oysters since 1925! The large terrace on stilts in the middle of the oyster farm is the spot to dine on fine days. Fresh oysters and seafood are served with bread, churned butter and biodynamic white wine. Passionate about his oyster farming profession, the owner welcomes visitors in his farm to explain the oysters’ journey.

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