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Arts and crafts

Breton artisans open their doors so that your customers can better understand and admire their expertise. A unique experience where glass, ceramic and natural materials come to life. It’s also the opportunity to talk with passionate Bretons for whom sharing is second nature.

01 – Les Verreries de Bréhat

Île de Bréhat

The former citadel on Bréhat Island is now home to one of the stars of French glass-making. From molten glass, lamps and decorative objects take shape before your customers’ eyes, who will be able to admire the skill of the glass-blowers at work in their workshops.

02- Fluid : les verreries de Belle-Île en Mer

Belle-Île en Mer

On Belle-Île, Fluid groups together young glass-maker artisans who handle glass with talent and originality. Their contemporary creations illustrating purity and transparency are displayed alongside to provide a better understanding of their gestures in front of the hot ovens.

03 – La Faïencerie Henriot


How is it possible to visit Quimper without entering Faïencerie Henriot, a veritable institution known for its famous two-handled bowls? Behind the scenes of this tableware factory that has marked the history of the town, unique hand-painted creations come to life during the visit.

04 – La Savonnerie d’Ouessant


In Ushant, sea water, honey, seaweed and local marine plants are used to make 100% natural cold-saponified soaps. This soap-shop/apothecary proposes a tour of its workshops to better understand how these soaps, which have the scent of the tip of the world, are made.


05 – La Savonnerie cancalaise


In Cancale, Morgane and Tiphaine open their workshop to teach visitors how to make natural soaps. Your customers will discover artisanal saponification and their wide range of soaps and other body treatments with captivating fragrances inspired by the Breton coast.

06 – Pascal Jaouen embroidery school


Why not try restyled Breton embroidery? Stylist and embroiderer, Pascal Jaouen, rejuvenates traditional Breton costumes. Alongside him, at the Quimper Embroidery School, even novices can learn to manipulate the needle on day-long initiation classes.


07 – Faïence Valérie Le Roux


In her workshop in Concarneau, Valérie Le Roux makes ceramics and silk prints, inspired by the ocean just in front of her workshop. Fish, seaweed, crabs and boats feature as naive motifs on her paintings and tableware. Workshops are organised to try out pottery and enamelling techniques.

08 – Ateliers de faïence

Saint-Jean la Poterie

In St-Jean-la-Poterie, earthenware is part of the identity! Your customers will discover the potter’s trade and all the steps, from turning to enamelling, not forgetting hand-decoration of named bowls in pure artisanal tradition.

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